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Faculty Spotlight

Mrs. Emigh Lo- 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lo has been married almost 16 years to her amazing, hard working husband Ray. She has 3 kids. Olivia is 14, Sophie is 12, and the boy Jameson is 5.

Mrs. Lo attended BYU for her Undergrad and attended SUU for her Masters Degree.  Her favorite subject in school was history.

In her free time, she likes to exercise, spend time with her kids, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream. She has a Bernedoodle puppy…Maverick. He is 7 months old. He is full of energy and very loving. 

Mrs. Lo loves to vacation everywhere. They love the beach but they also love places with busy downtowns like Portland, New York, and Seattle. They love to try new foods where ever they go.

Faculty Spotlight

Penny Broderick- 4th Grade Teacher

I have a wonderful hubby and 4 children, one son in law and two adorable grandchildren.  In my free time, I like to spend time with family and read.  I have four chickens.

I graduated from BYU with my undergraduate degree.  My favorite subject in school Phonics because it made sense to me.

I like to take vacations to places I have never been to so I can see new places.


Faculty Spotlight

Mrs. Tiffany McDaniel-AM Kindergarten

My husband and I have four kids (Jesse, Zachary, Rebecca, & Catelyn). The two boys are in college, & the girls go to Alta & Indian Hills.

I went to BYU Provo for college.  Reading and history were my favorite subjects in school.

My favorite things to do are to travel, read, outdoor activities, and spending time with family.

We have a dog named Bella.

I like to travel to see new & interesting places, experience other cultures, connect with family, and relax! Our last vacation was right before Covid hit…we went on a cruise to the Caribbean & Disney world (new Star Wars land)…just in time!

My family and I were in three Christmas Hallmark movies this summer. Because of Covid, they wanted family members that were in the same household. It was crazy wearing winter clothes in the middle of summer & ice skating on a synthetic rink but we had a lot of fun. They will be coming out this Christmas!

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