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September 28, 2020 – Minutes

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Sprucewood Elementary

September 28, 2020

Members Present:



Cathy Schino(Principal)

Jason Dyer 

Cindy Bronson (Teacher)

Alison Holbrook

Isaiah Folau (Teacher)

Tricia Leininger


Mindy Cupello

Caitie Ely

Brooke Mathews

Emily Jensen

Members Absent: Bo Jensen

**Meeting was held virtually due to COVID-19 precautions

  • Call to Order
    • C. Schino called meeting called to order at 4:05
  • Review Bylaws and Rules of Order & Procedure
  • Review requirements for Open and Public Meetings Act
  • Elect Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, and PTA Liaison
    • Chair: Caitie Ely
    • Vice Chair: Jason Dyer
    • Secretary: Isaiah Folau
    • PTA Liaison: Alison Holbrook
    • Vote=
      • C. Schino called for vote on all nominees
        • Vote was unanimous affirming all nominees
  • Set meeting dates for year
    • All meetings to be held at 4:00pm on Monday
    • Meetings will be held virtually until council deems it necessary to meet in person
    • Proposed dates
      • October 26th
      • November 30th
      • December 14th (will decide at November meeting)
      • January 25th
      • February 22nd
      • March 29th
      • April 26th
      • May 24th
    • Vote=
      • C. Schino called for vote on meeting dates
        • Vote was unanimous affirming the meeting dates
  • Share SCC training dates provided by District
      • We are working around the clock to get online SCC training live. SCC101 is close. The yearly updated training is a work-in-process, but I will notify you as soon as they are live. 
    • Principal Schino emailed Sprucewood’s SCC Roster to Susan Edwards the morning of September 28th, so Susan will now be able to send her emails to all members directly

School Climate Goal proposed change

    • BLT is meeting October 14th to bring input from grade level teammates and vote on which of the three possibilities our staff will focus on this year:
      • Social Emotional Program- Second Step
        • Encourage to use skills learned in those lessons throughout all lessons of day
        • What percentage of grade levels are on target with districts pacing guide?  (measurable)
      • Morning meetings is another idea that we could collect data on
        • Each component of the meeting- what percent of teachers are using all four components on a daily basis?
          • Components:
            • Reading 
            • Sharing
            • Group Activity
            • Message
      • Care cards- PBIS
        • Measurable data on the app/website
          • Based around faculty and staff distributing them via Class Dojo following new school expectations of:
            • Take care of yourself
            • Take care of others
            • Take care of our school
  • LANDtrust and TSSP budgets and proposed changes (due to COVID-19 needs)
    • BLT is meeting October 14th to bring input from grade level teammates regarding proposed budget changes.  COVID has shifted our needs.
    • $52,692 from LandTrust *This amount is subject to change after October 1st student count (we are down 40 students from last year)

Last Year’s Allocations

Proposed Change

$33,000 for reading aides

Proposed we use $40, 000 for reading aides ( $3,380 is allocated for benefit costs) 

$3,800 for technology

No change- Purchased 3 chromebook carts already

$9,000 for 95% program

-Do not purchase this year

-Proposed we use this money for technology

-We are using in Tier II intervention room

-BLT wants to discuss possible purchase and rollout for next year

$4,000 rollover from last year

Proposed we use for technology

TSSA Budget $57,044 *This amount is subject to change after October 1st student count (we are down 40 students from last year)

Last Year’s Allocations

Proposed Change

$21,000 two 4th grade aides

-Do not need 4th grade aides due to reduced class sizes with online learning option

-Proposed we use for technology

$2,300 subs for teaming days

-Sub shortage due to COVID

-Proposed we use for technology

$800 attendance initiative

-NOT focusing on attendance due to COVID

-Proposed we use for technology

$20,000 for chromebooks for 1st and 2nd grade

-Already ordered

-Due to arrive in January

$13,000 roll over from last year

-Proposed we use for technology

Our technology needs:

We ordered 3 chromebook carts and 90 chromebooks with the money SCC allocated last year. 

– 25 chromebooks for one 3rd grade classroom still using mac book airs that are too old to continue to reimage.

-30 more chromebooks to complete the 1st and 2nd grade order.

– 50 more chromebooks to prepare for all students to be back to in-person learning.

– 66 existing chromebooks due to damage and age (district expectation)

– 4 more chromebook carts to replace ipad carts (not compatible). 

Totals needed:

Chromebooks=171 (at approximately $250)= $42,500

Carts= 4 (at approximately $1,200)= $4,800

Will return to discussion and vote on proposed changes October 26th

Meeting closed 5:11

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