12025 South 1000 East, Sandy, Utah 84094

March 10, 2020 – Minutes



Lori Reynolds (Principal)

Jason Dyer (Chair)

Cindy Bronson (Teacher)

Alison Holbrook

Isaiah Folau (Teacher)

Tess Hortin


Tricia Leininger


Jenni Morgan (Vice Chair)

Guests: Kimberly Ranney (Sprucewood Achievement Coach)
Amanda Oaks (Canyons School District Board Member – District 6)


  • Meeting called to order at 4:03
  • February Meeting Minutes
    • Leininger motioned for approval, A. Holbrook seconded
    • Vote was unanimous in approval
  • Targeted Support and Instruction
    • Reynolds developed and sent a survey, through email, out to 65 different families
      • Hope is to have at least half (30) families be willing, though even if there’s fewer, her leaning is that it ought to go forward
    • Deadline for completion is 3/11/20
    • Hortin and J. Dyer raised a question of funding and what money is tied to the different levels of TSI
      • Reynolds clarified that no money is tied to it, at least at the level Sprucewood is at, and funds for the program will be drawn out of the land trust funds
  • Targeted School Support Plan
    • Last year, TSSP funds were used to fund .5 of an FTE
    • This year, the FTE enrollment numbers (as of March 2020) allow for keeping everyone without using any TSSP funds, which has opened up the use of .5 FTE
      • The council needs to decide how to use this .5 FTE
      • Reynolds presented several ideas on how to use it; the council discussed pros and cons of each:
        • Hire a half-time teacher who would teach half of two classes for part of the day
        • Hire aides (~2) to support larger classes
        • Use it to fund a social worker, guidance counselor, or school psychologist so that there is someone at Sprucewood full time, not needing to be split between schools
      • The funding decision for both land trust and TSSP must be submitted by April 13th
      • While a lot of dialogue was had surrounding the several options, the council agreed to an interceding meeting on March 30th to further and finish the discussion
  • Land Trust Funds for 2020-21
    • Will revisit at the March 30th meeting
    • Potential Amendments to current year Land Trust Funds
      • Funding the before school program associated with TSI
        • Hortin motioned to approve, J. Dyer seconded
          • Vote was unanimous in the affirmative
    • Buying the 95% Group Kit
      • Hortin motioned to approve, J. Dyer seconded
        • Vote was unanimous in the affirmative
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:09 to meet on Monday, March 30th
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