12025 South 1000 East, Sandy, Utah 84094

January 13, 2020 – Minutes

Lori Reynolds (Principal)Jason Dyer (Chair)
Cindy Bronson (Teacher)Alison Holbrook
Isaiah Folau (Teacher)Tess Hortin
 Tricia Leninger
 Jenni Morgan (Vice Chair)


  • Meeting called to order at 4:01
  • Approval of December Minutes
    • The council clarified where the current evacuation site was (Treehouse Gym) and where, if at all, it could be changed to (parking lot of former Kmart, inside the medical office near 123rd and 10th East).
    • Reynolds said she would speak with Sprucewood’s SRO and get more clarity for a possible change of location among other things concerning evacuation prior to February.
  • Cell Tower Update
    • Reynolds spoke with Scott Taggart from the district and there is no new information other than that Sprint has been to visit the school and take pictures.
  • Suzanne Harrison – Guest Visitor
    • Harrison visited the council and spoke of her efforts to attend meetings at all schools in the district.
    • She extended an invite to join her at the capitol during the legislature session.
    • As a doctor and education advocate, she will be focused on education and medical issues during the 2020 session.
    • She will be holding a town hall from 6-7pm on Wednesday the 15th at Indian Hills MS
  • Safety Drill
    • The scheduled safety drill is fire.
    • Reynolds scheduled the drill for 1/13 but due to inclement weather it has been pushed to 1/15.
  • Principal Discretion Funds
    • Reynolds had ~$3000 designated, from the council, last year and still is using the funds to support staff culture and unity.
  • Student Access Neighborhood Plan (SNAP Plan)
    • The council reviewed the SNAP concern which is that students living in Sunset Ponds don’t qualify for busing and don’t have a sidewalk along 7th East to walk to school.
    • The council recommended that students from Sunset Ponds apply for a transportation waiver that allows them to ride the bus from a proximate bus stop across the street and use the crosswalk at 7th East, for the Kimballs Lane TRAX Station, to cross.
    • Two action items:
      • Get that crosswalk designated as a school crosswalk with signage.
      • Bus availability waiver application push out for those students in that area.
    • A frustration seems to be that different locales (Draper City, UDOT, Canyons SD) claim different responsibility for the street, building a sidewalk, and creating a crosswalk, and it needs to be determined who has jurisdiction and will put up the signage.
  • February Look Ahead
    • Student Data review
    • TSSA
    • Land Trust
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:10 to reconvene on February 10th, 2020
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