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Sprucewood 2021-2022 Safety Plan

2021-2022 Sprucewood Safety Plan




●      Teachers will teach expectations and supervise arrival procedures.

●      Students will immediately line up upon arrival.

●      Students will be taught to follow physical distancing guidelines.

●      Instruction will begin as usual at 8:50 am.

●      Late students will check in at the office.


●      Teachers will teach expectations and supervise dismissal procedures.

●      Students will be released at dismissal with each grade level staggering exit times by class.

●      All students will leave the building through their grade-level exterior door.

●      Families are encouraged to predetermine an outside meeting spot for older siblings to meet and assist younger siblings.

●      Walking students will be taught to leave the campus promptly.

●      A duty teacher will supervise and clear school grounds quickly.

●      Students will follow physical distancing procedures.


●      Students may enter through the front doors at 8:20am.

●      Seating will be assigned during breakfast.

●      Physical distancing will be observed in the cafeteria — obtaining food, spaced seating, clean-up.


●      Seats will be assigned.

●      Teachers will explicitly teach routines to mitigate risk including hygiene and sanitation (hand washing, using hand sanitizer, materials usage, etc.)

●      Students’ contact with other classes will be limited.

●      Individual supplies will be provided to limit sharing.

●      Students will sanitize hands every time they come into the classroom with additional hand sanitizing/washing built into daily schedules.

●      Classroom faucets and drinking fountains will be used to fill water bottles (no drinking directly from fountains).

●      Custodian will schedule sanitation and cleaning of classrooms daily. Only CSD approved cleaning materials will be used by teachers and students for intermittent light cleaning.


Halls — Transitions

●      Students and staff will physically distance when moving through halls and common areas.


●      Students will be taught proper handwashing expectations.

●      Grade levels will limit the number of students in the restroom at any given time.

●      A sanitation and cleaning rotation schedule will be followed.


●      Physical distancing will be observed in the cafeteria — obtaining food, spaced seating, clean-up.

●      Release from the cafeteria will be staggered.

●      Classes will be seated together to support contact tracing.


Lunch Recess

●      Maintain grade level recess distancing protocols and grade-level staggered schedule.

●      Grade levels will play in zones to eliminate cross grade level contact.

●      Students will sanitize hands upon reentering their classrooms.

Electronic Devices

●      Each student will have an assigned device while at school and will be the only user.

●      Each student will clean their device daily under the direction of their teacher.


●      Assemblies will be scheduled this year based on need and will observe  physical distancing practices.


●      Volunteers must complete Canyons School District volunteer application.

●      Teachers will schedule volunteers if/when needed.

●      Volunteers will follow all safety guidelines while in the school.

Orchestra &


●      These programs will continue with physical distancing in place.



●      Sprucewood Safety Plan will be communicated to stakeholders via email, website and Facebook.



Revised 8/6/2021

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