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Window Opens for Switching Learning Options, Nov. 1-8

Throughout the pandemic, our school has worked to provide families with in-person and remote learning options so they can choose what works best for them given their educational needs and health considerations.

Consistent with that commitment and our promise to allow families to reconsider their options at the end of the grading period, we will soon be accepting change requests. Those wanting to move from one of our two remote learning options to in-person instruction, or vice versa, can submit a change-request any time between Sunday, Nov. 1 through midnight on Sunday, Nov. 8. No action is required of families who wish to stick with their chosen path.

The changes will take effect with the start of the second term on Nov. 23 and carry through to the end of the term on March 5 when families will be given another chance to choose the learning mode that works best for them.

The three learning options are the same as described at the beginning of the year: In-Person Instruction; Online Instruction; or Parent-Guided, District-Supported At Home Instruction. An explanation of those options can be found at

Families will be able to submit their change requests online using the same Skyward Family Access portal they used to register for school at the beginning of the year. Simply log in to Skyward, click on the “online forms” button, select “Term 2 Change-Request Form,” and follow the prompts. Please see this tutorial for detailed instructions or call the Main Office for assistance.

During the Nov. 1-8 window, parents can submit their change requests at any time or log back in to Skyward to amend their request. However, because the choices parents make during this window will guide the complicated process of shifting teaching assignments and allocating classroom resources, we cannot accept requests after the window closes at midnight on Nov. 8.  

As families consider their options it’s important to keep in mind that, depending on how many families choose to return to on-campus learning, class sizes may change. There is also the potential for students to have a different teacher this next term as teaching assignments shift to accommodate change requests.

Faculty Spotlight

Mrs. Emigh Lo- 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lo has been married almost 16 years to her amazing, hard working husband Ray. She has 3 kids. Olivia is 14, Sophie is 12, and the boy Jameson is 5.

Mrs. Lo attended BYU for her Undergrad and attended SUU for her Masters Degree.  Her favorite subject in school was history.

In her free time, she likes to exercise, spend time with her kids, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream. She has a Bernedoodle puppy…Maverick. He is 7 months old. He is full of energy and very loving. 

Mrs. Lo loves to vacation everywhere. They love the beach but they also love places with busy downtowns like Portland, New York, and Seattle. They love to try new foods where ever they go.

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