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This is National Red RibbonWeek.  Our school will be participating with the theme of the Sprucewood Olympics.  Our character trait of the month is kindness.  Please encourage students to do random acts of kindness at home and at school.   These are things that they do to help others without expecting a reward.  The reward is the good feeling that comes from helping others.  Students are also encouraged to wear the suggested attire for each day of the week.

Monday-  Red Tops

Tuesday- Red, White and Blue Colors (USA)

Wednesday- Favorite College Top or Colors

Thursday- Favorite Sports Team Top

Friday- Sprucewood Shirt/Colors

  1. Wondering what you can do to help your young children now to be drug free later?  Look for Teachable Moments: As you’re going about your day, seek out opportunities to point out real life situations that can be used to spark an educational conversation. For example, witnessing a group of teens drinking or using drugs can be a time when a parent can discuss why it is wrong and how to address similar situations in which they may find themselves in the future. Also, news headlines, movie and TV plotlines, and music are all examples of places you can find examples to open a dialogue. Be careful discussing these things with younger children, as they may not really understand what using drugs means. You can talk about the importance of not accepting strange items or foods from people you do not know. 

    Tip: If you notice something going on in your neighborhood while in the presence of your child, take this time to discuss the negative effects that drugs and alcohol can have on your body and relationships. For older children yoou can also use news stories as a way to provide a real life example of what can go wrong, as well as open up discussions based on things seen on TV or movies, or in the lyrics of songs.
  2. 2.Build strong relationships now.  Now is the perfect time to build your relationship with your child.  Spend time talking about things every evening.  If possible, try to have a family dinner time at least 5 times a week.  Play board games.  Go for walks or go to the park.  If you have trouble knowing what to talk about, there are some great conversation starter card sets to give you ideas.

3. Model Good Behavior- Children See, Children Do It can be tough to face the truth that your children are watching what you do.  You can count on the fact that children will often imitate you once they are teenagers. 


What is School Community Council?

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The School Community Council learns about student achievement at school and helps provide input for how parents are viewing what we are doing to help children learn.  The council is also responsible  for how to provide children and parents with internet safety information.  Right now, we are planning a possible Parent Information night in February on Internet Safety and helping students make safe choices in general. This year Sprucewood received $34,701 in Land Trust money that is being used to pay for our Reading Intervention Assistants. 

Brain Booster Schedule

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  Brain   Booster Schedule        
  Kindergarten 1st Gr. 2nd Gr. 3rd Gr. 4th Gr. 5th Gr.
Tuesday 9:05-9:35 (am) 11:15-12:15 2:15-3:15 1:00-2:00 -------------- 9:50-10:50
Wednesday 2:10-2:40 (pm) ---------------- 9:05-10:05 ---------------- 10:20-11:20 --------------
Thursday 9:05-9:35 (am) 11:15-12:15 --------------- 1:00-2:00 2:15-3:15 9:50-10:50

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