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Road to Success

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Sprucewood Elementary School is excited to announce that we will be participating in the Road to Success Reading Progam.  Road to Success (RTS) is sponsored by several Utah companies to help students become better readers and to nurture their love for reading.  The program is quite simple.  Students are simply logging their reading minutes on the RTS website instead of on paper slips.  If you do not have computer access the paper slip is still fine and we will log the minutes at school.  This is a great, time-saving way for teachers to see how long students are reading over time.  Teachers will also list suggested books for reading.

If students are using the site, you will be able to see a report of how many minutes they have been reading.  They will also earn badges on the computer. 

All students will have opportunities to earn rewards for the amount of time they are reading. Each teacher will set a class reading goal for the week.  Students who read 5 nights a week will receive 1 reading slip.  Students who read 7 nights a week will receive 2 reading slips.  The slips will be turned into the office for a prize drawing that will be held every 8 weeks.  We will have fun prizes for 20 lucky winners.  One winner will receive a voucher to apply towards the cost of a new bike.  Additionally, students who meet their reading goal for at least 2 weeks out of every month will be able to come to the office and select a prize from the reading treasure box.  Students who reach their goal for the entire month of November will be able to participate in a popcorn party with the principal. All students who reach 2,500 minutes will also earn a special medal.  We will also have special class parties throughout the year. Any student who reaches 10,000 minutes will be honored at the final assembly of the year.

We have a school-wide goal of 800,000 minutes by May 15.  If we reach that goal, we will have a special fun assembly as a reward. 

We hope you will help support your child in this endeavor.  Reading daily is a great way to boost your child’s comprehension and help them achieve success in school.

What is School Community Council?

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The School Community Council learns about student achievement at school and helps provide input for how parents are viewing what we are doing to help children learn.  The council is also responsible (new this year) for how to provide children and parents with internet safety information.  Right now, we are planning a Parent Information night January 26 on Internet Safety and helping students make safe choices in general. This year Sprucewood received $33,160 in Land Trust money that is being used to pay for our Reading Intervention Assistants. 

Brain Boosters

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This year, Sprucewood will be implementing a new schedule and some new classes that are called "Brain Boosters." You can find the bell schedule under the Our School tab.  Every Friday will be an early out day for students to provide teachers time to plan.  The new "Brain Booster" classes will allow students the opportunity to learn about Visual Arts, Technology, Playworks and Media/Library.  Students will attend Playworks and Media/Library for 30 minutes each week and Technology for 60 minutes one week and Art for 60 minutes on the alternating week.  Please join us in welcoming Mr. Hale for Art, Mrs. Royce for Playworks, Mrs. Heil for Technology and Mrs. Serdar for Media/Library.  We are thrilled with the opportunity to offer this new curriculum to our Sprucewood Students! 

Brain Booster Schedule

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  Brain   Booster Schedule        
  Kindergarten 1st Gr. 2nd Gr. 3rd Gr. 4th Gr. 5th Gr.
Tuesday 9:05-9:35 (am) 11:15-12:15 2:15-3:15 1:00-2:00 -------------- 9:50-10:50
Wednesday 2:10-2:40 (pm) ---------------- 9:05-10:05 ---------------- 10:20-11:20 --------------
Thursday 9:05-9:35 (am) 11:15-12:15 --------------- 1:00-2:00 2:15-3:15 9:50-10:50