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2019-2020 LAND Trust End of Year Summary Report

Sprucewood Elementary School:

End of Year LAND Trust Summary Report

Sprucewood Elementary School Community Council was pleased to be able to spend $48,575.54 of LAND Trust funds on Sprucewood Falcons for the 2019-2020 school year.  


Proposed Expenditure

Actual Expenditure

Salaries and Employee Benefits



General Supplies










= $48,575.54

Sprucewood Elementary School Community Council spent $48,575.54 of LAND Trust funds in 2019-2020.  It was determined that funds should be spent on salaries, general supplies, textbooks and technology equipment.  To increase reading achievement, students were identified as performing below benchmark on Acadience testing.  Students identified received daily intervention support from intervention assistants under the direction of the achievement coach. Most of the allocated LAND Trust funding, $31,582.97, was used to pay for salaries and employee benefits.  $29,811.47 was spent on four reading intervention aides, and one MTSS intervention aide.  $865.00 was spent on substitutes. Substitutes were utilized so teachers could participate in coaching cycles to improve their capacity in reading whole group and skill-based instruction. $906.50 was spent on teacher stipends for collaboration and literacy data review sessions held outside of teacher contract time.  $1,697.13 was allocated to pay for general supplies.  This funding was used to purchase phonics kits and manipulatives to support daily reading intervention lessons.  $5,707.44 was allocated to pay for textbooks. $375.27 was used to purchase Morning Meeting books to support reading instruction.  $5,332.17 was used to purchase the 95%  Phonics program that was used during Tier II daily reading intervention instruction. $9,588.00 was allocated to pay for equipment.  $1,490.00 was used to purchase Apple TVs for classrooms that still needed them in order to project daily reading lessons from their computers and iPads.  $8,098.00 was used to purchase iPads and iPencils to be used during daily reading instruction.  

The Sprucewood School Community Council views our LAND Trust plan resources as a crucial component of our student achievement.  


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