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November 30, 2020 – Minutes

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Sprucewood Elementary

November 30, 2020

Members Present:



Cathy Schino (Principal)

Mindy Cupello

Cindy Bronson (Teacher)

Jason Dyer (Vice Chair)

Isaiah Folau (Teacher)

Caitie Ely (Chair)

Alison Holbrook

Bo Jensen

Brooke Mathews

Emily Jensen

Tricia Leininger

Members Absent: 

  • Caitie Ely
  • Emily Jensen
  • Cindy Bronson


  • Call Meeting to Order
    • Called to order by J. Dyer at 4:05pm
  • Review and approve last month’s meeting minutes
    • Motion to approve by J. Dyer
      • Seconded by I. Folau…approved unanimously
  • School Safety Discussion– Members were asked to read the school safety report information on our district website SCC page (https://www.canyonsdistrict.org/safe-schools/) prior to today’s meeting (November 30th). All members were asked to come with questions and ideas to help complete the following… 
    • Did you feel the information presented in the District School Community Council School Safety Report was helpful?
      • A. Holbrook and J. Dyer voiced that they believed the information was helpful
    • What, if any, school safety items did your SCC discuss that were not in the report?
      • A. Holbrook had some question related to specifics to Sprucewood (local context)
        • What does parent outreach look like?
        • What trainings are happening with students in school?
        • What lessons are being taught from teachers?
        • 2nd Step?
        • Netsafe Utah?
      • C. Schino addressed some of the questions: 
        • Drills are being conducted a bit differently this year but in compliance with the districts expectations
        • In regards to digital citizenship..
          • Will be held in February, aligned with the district
          • Sara Lee (librarian) is Sprucewood’s digital citizenship coordinator
            • Training has yet to happen for coordinators and planning for parent and student outreach will follow that training
            • Netsafe Utah push will come in February
        • 2nd Step is part of ~15-20 elementary schools that are part of the larger district rollout of the program
          • The program addresses emotional intelligence and learning skills
          • There is a school-wide instruction map for the lessons
    • Your SCC has been asked to determine the #1 safety concern at your school after reading the report and discuss-ing safety topics at your school. What has your SCC determined to be the #1 safety concern for your school?
      • Health and safety in regards to COVID-19
        • Both physical and mental health and safety
    • What additional items did you identify as primary concerns, if any?
      • Bullying, not just in-person, but in the digital sphere
      • Existential threats to the school and building (ensuring we’re up to par and it remains at the forefront)
      • Mental health
    • Does your SCC have an action plan to help address the concerns?
      • Repopulation Plan (rolled out in August of 2020)
        • To address physical health and safety
      • 2nd Step
        • To address the mental health and safety
        • Large discussion was had surrounding communication (in-house among faculty and students, and outside among faculty and parents)
          • Comments and questions concerning  2nd Step program and its implementation were voiced
          • Members noted the need of the school to address 2nd Step in outreach to loop parents in and let them know of the resources that coincide with it.
  • Digital Citizenship Discussion
    • Motioned to table the discussion until December 14th by J. Dyer
      • Approved unanimously
      • Completing the questions and submitting the plan would be the priority of the meeting
      • *decided to table to allow C. Schino to attend a meeting relevant to the discussion and see what may be added to it.
        • Also allows for Sara Lee to potentially attend as the coordinator
    • Discussion should also include ideas for action items for how to involve and incorporate PTA and build out a white-ribbon week in tandem
      • Possibly get them to coincide or run closely together
        • White Ribbon (January)
        • Digital Citizenship (February)

District Filtering & Systems 

      • We invited Scot McCombs, Canyons’ Director of Informational Technology to discuss filtering and Sara Lee, Sprucewood’s Digital Citizenship Coordinator to discuss efforts and communication regarding digital citizenship during our last meeting (10/26)
      • The council decided to sit on these questions for a month and review the school safety plan and decided to return to the discussion on Nov. 30th
  • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information to determine if the filtering systems and supervision practices are appropriate?
  • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information about the school’s educational efforts to instill in students a desire to be good digital citizens?
  • Does the SCC believe the school has a viable plan to present important Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship information to parents in the community?
      • Parent Education: Enter the date of your first community outreach: ____________________________
    • Enter a short description of your first community outreach activity/opportunity:
      • Enter the date of your second community outreach:__________________________________________
    • Enter a short description of your second community outreach activity/opportunity:
  • Cell Tower approvals
    • Kindergarten pay for extra hours of team planning
      • Approved unanimously
    • Monthly teacher incentives to boost morale during Covid and dinners for Parent Teacher Conferences nights
      • Approved unanimously
  • New LAND Trust, TSSA, and School Climate goals (which were unanimously approved by the SCC in early November) have been submitted to the district for approval at the December 1st school board meeting
  • Adjourn until next month’s meeting December 14 
    • Motion to hold an SCC meeting on December 14th
      • Unanimously approved unless deemed unnecessary by C. Schino
    • J. Dyer motion to adjourn at 5:06, motion seconded and approved unanimously
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