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November 14, 2022 – Minutes

School Community Council Meeting Minutes

Sprucewood Elementary

November 14, 2022

Members Present:

Cathy Schino (Principal)Theodore McClure
Emigh Lo (K-2 Teacher)Mindy Cupello
Jen Dean (3-5Teacher)Jason Dyer
 Parker Lindsay
Brooke Mathews

Members Absent: Cheryl Becerra


  • Call to Order 4:08 pm
  • Approve September and October minutes Jason motions to approve, Mindy seconds the motion, minutes are approved and will be published on the school website
  • School Safety Plan –

Did you feel the information presented in the District School Community Council School Safety Report was helpful?

Yes- It is nice to see that there is emphasis put on the safety of our schools.  Good to see that there is a plan.  Each school is different, but the plan is informative, we know what the district’s plan is.  Website info is adequate.  


What, if any, school safety items did your SCC discuss that were not in the report?

1)Will we be getting more cameras inside and outside for safety? 

DIstrict is providing updated cameras.  Technology is available due to some buildings being taken down and those cameras can be reused.  Our cameras will be updated to digital cameras this year!  We will be getting 10. This is equivalent to other schools our size and age.  

TImeline?  No hard deadline has been shared, but we have already shared where to strategically place all new incoming cameras with risk management! 

2) Are the drills repeated throughout the year, and are they practiced repeatedly? 

Yes.  We follow the district’s drill schedule each month.  We review the drills and expectations with staff, and students practice the procedures monthly. 

3) Question about upgrading glass to bullet proof glass was brought up. 

Do any schools have bullet proof glass? No

Your SCC has been asked to determine the #1 safety concern at your school after reading the report and discussing safety topics at your school. What has your SCC determined to be the #1 safety concern for your school?

  • Parking lot & flow of traffic

What additional items did you identify as primary concerns, if any?


Does your SCC have an action plan to help address the concerns?

  • Video for parking lot procedure (package for beginning of school year, publish on website, add to registration) 
  • Ask for help from the Sandy Police 
  • Map- instructions for new families – go ahead and hand out to all families 
  • Add information on parking lot concerns to Skylerts 
  • Education- Put out more information on parking lot safety procedures & routines at the beginning of 2023 as part of the registration process



**Sara Lee is our digital citizenship coordinator again this year.  She is guiding our Digital Citizenship plan for Digital Citizenship Week October 24th-26th. Sara attended October’s meeting and shared the following digital citizenship information.

  • Digital Citizenship lessons will be taught in classrooms Oct 24-26 as a kick off to digital citizenship awareness. Stem will also teach digital citizenship skills in boosters. Sara will send a survey out to teachers in order to look for gaps in digital citizenship learning throughout the school. This year we are expecting an increase in engagement as the lessons are different than in previous years. 
  • The committee discussed placing digital citizenship information into each teacher’s Canvas course – add digital citizenship links – BLT  voted on Oct 14th that all teachers will create canvas course modules with digital citizenship information (already accessible for parents) .

Below are the questions we will need to complete regarding digital citizenship during our November meeting.

  • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information to determine if the filtering systems and supervision practices are appropriate? 

Yes, the page is informative enough for the SCC committee. The information didn’t differ too much from last year. 

  • Does the SCC feel it has received enough information about the school’s educational efforts to instill in students a desire to be good digital citizens? 

Yes.  We think they’re effective & appropriate. 

DIgital citizenship lessons were taught during Digital Citizenship week.  Everyone teaches digital safety and expectations explicitly at the beginning of the year when devices are handed out.  Lessons continue throughout the year in classrooms. Our booster teachers provide ongoing mini lessons in library & STEM.

Parents shared that kids are talking about the safety content at home!!! 

Teachers liked the lessons this year as compared to years past.  The lessons seemed more appropriate and engaging for our students.

If no: Identify Action plan for student education.

3)Does the SCC believe the school has a viable plan to present important Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship information to parents in the community?

Yes.  Information is being disseminated well, parents can access it on all of our different platforms. 

If no: Identify Action plan for parent education.

4) How will every student in your building be provided with digital citizenship instruction during the school year?

At the classroom level students can access the digital citizenship materials on Canvas. 

At the school level, parents can access the digital citizenship materials on our school website, twitter, parent square, instagram, and class dojo.  

Enter a short description of your community communication/outreach plans. This includes, but is not limited to, parent and community outreach events, monthly communication, etc.:

  • Other
    • Approve cell tower expenditure (book blitz, Jr Coach, School Musical)
      • Ms. Petsche will lead Book Blitz with 5th graders for the 1st time this Oct-April.
        • Proposing $500 stipend for her to be this extra-curricular advisor
        • She will have to read 12 novels and lead 4 teams of students through the content questions
        • She will meet with students after school
        • She will prepare them for the district competition in April, and attend the competition day with the one team that will represent Sprucewood
      • Our Junior Coach program has expanded under the direction of Coach Emily.  She is working with more Jr Coaches than ever this year!  This means more students have a chance to serve our school.
        • Proposing cell tower covers the extra cost of the extra purple shirts that signal Jr coach during recess ($74.88)
      • Christina Van Dam and Madeleine Guyman have proposed leading a School Musical this Spring!  2nd-5th graders will be eligible to participate.  They plan to hold weekly practices January-May(times TBD) and hold their performance during Sprucewood’s Arts Night the evening of May 16th.
        • Proposing $500 stipend per adult to take on all responsibilities (rehearsals, props, backdrops, costumes, etc) connected with running a school musical!

SCC has approved spending our Cell tower funds on these 3 items.

  • Adjourn until next month’s meeting December 12, 2022.  5:10 pm


For next time meeting: Principal Schino will bring a summary of how cell tower funds have been spent on lifting staff morale so far this year.



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