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March 29, 2021 – Minutes

March 29th

SCC Minutes



Cathy Schino (Principal)

Mindy Cupello

Cindy Bronson (Teacher)

Jason Dyer (Vice Chair)

Isaiah Folau (Teacher)

Caitie Ely (Chair)


Alison Holbrook

Bo Jensen

Brooke Mathews

Emily Jensen

Tricia Leininger

Amanda Oaks (District 6) and Canyons District School Board VP was also in attendance

Members Absent: 

  • C. Ely
  • E. Jensen
  • B. Mathews (part of meeting)


  • Call Meeting to Order
    • Called to order by J. Dyer at 4:02 
  • Review and approve last month’s meeting minutes
    • Motion to approve by J. Dyer
    • Seconded by A. Holbrook
  • Follow up on Digital Citizenship Plan 
    • SCC agreed to postpone to April 26th meeting
  • Cell Tower approval (furniture purchase and stipend for aides)
    • C. Schino spoke to a need to continue to update and modernize the school
      • $28,000 of cell tower funds to complete and move to the next phase of updating the hardware of the school 
        • This would go towards shelving, tables, manipulatives, among a few other things
        • Desks and chairs were purchased two years ago
      • ~$20,000 would be remaining from Cell Tower funds after the purchase
    • B. Mathews asked what will happen to the old hardware
      • It will be surplused and processed by the district
    • A. Holbrook asked for clarity around where the money currently stands and how it’s to be used
      • The money is already “arrived,” we’re now allocating it as we like 
      • C. Schino noted that the contract terms have changed with the T-Mobile/Sprint merger and are now on a temporary contract
        • Payment is now coming in monthly payments rather than in a lump sum
    • A. Holbrook and J. Dyer both asked for a review of last year’s Cell Tower funds and to see if 1) anything had been previously allocated and 2) see how much money was spent on desks and chairs in the previous upgrade
      • C. Schino proposed, and the committee agreed to, an interim email to note approval for the purchase of the new hardware so that equipment can be received as soon as possible
    • C. Schino reiterated the terms of the Utah Legislature for both faculty and staff
      • Two hires have been made and she proposed that $500 stipends be paid to each of them and it come out of cell tower funds
      • J. Dyer seconded and approval was unanimous
  • 2nd Discussion of 2021-2022 TSSP and Landtrust proposed  plans
    • BLT Discussed next year’s proposals Feb 10th, Feb 19th and March 24th
    • A. Holbrook spoke in support of the buildouts to the social-emotional program in place with the retention of a full-time social worker, Second Step programming, and the Falcon’s Nest
      • Wanted to ensure that some of these programs aren’t being taken advantage of by students
        • C. Schino spoke to how these situations are individually based and shared an anecdote of how it’s being implemented appropriately and on a student-by-student basis
        • Every other Friday, these particular situations are revisited and brainstormed to action plan for these students
      • B. Jensen spoke in support of ensuring that those students and plans for them are continually being reviewed
      • Vote on record
        • Approve proposal as is written: Dyer, Holbrook, Jensen, Folau, Cupello, Bronson, Leininger, Schino
        • Amendments: none
        • Unanimous in approval with no amendments
    • All SCC Members need to come in to the school by Monday, April 12th, though beginning Tuesday, March 30th, to sign off on the plan

J. Dyer motion to adjourn

    • B. Jensen seconded the motion at 5:04 to meet again April 26th with an email to approve Cell Tower funds prior
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